Hail to the Broken-Tusked Elephant Lord


One-tusked alabaster god
Sat in resplendent fury
In the halls of the mind
Eternal incense smoldering
Pre-cyclopean and justified
I called you and you answered
You who wrote my bedtime story
Have rewritten it again and again
Each time I fall asleep
And then awaken
Destroy the monsters under the bed
Destroy bad magic and those who practice it
Destroy the obstacles I create for myself
Destroy my mistakes
Destroy my conditioning
May there be
No obstacles to consciousness
No obstacles to love
No obstacles to the body
No obstacles to the truth
God is Great
And there you have hung upon my wall through every incarnation
Unchanging and watching through every incarnation
Through every world and reality you are
Ganesha Lord of Obstacles
Lord of the Path
Scribe of Eternity
Elephant God
Dutiful Son
Master of Paths
Keep my path lit and open
Behold his mighty form
Aum Gung.

One Response to “Hail to the Broken-Tusked Elephant Lord”
  1. The picture is good,but the names are not clear.Please!imagine more creative things like this. I am SARAD SAPKOTA.I am 11 years old.

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