The Freedom of Imagination Act

Jason Louv Freedom of Imagination
1. Consider the whole of technology and mechanization as a time machine, beaming itself backward into the past, drawing the present towards it. A nonorganic future, invading the organic past.

2. There is a future in which the machine severs the human soul; another in which it serves the human soul.

3. In the first, you live in the same way that corporate-farmed animals currently live. In the second, you live the way you like. The deciding point between these two realities is the direct action of the human soul.

4. Soul is not in the body; the body is in soul. Imagination is the gateway to the soul and the vector of freedom.

5. In order for the time machine to sever soul, it need only lock the gate: imagination. This is why, though we live in an age of the greatest information proliferation in recorded history, we are slowly losing the ability to imagine. Information is not imagination; the most advanced content delivery systems in the world are useless if their very existence means the end of real content.

6. The desertification of imagination is a problem just as real on its own plane as deforestation is on the physical one. The fragmentation and destabilization of concentration keeps human consciousness crippled. Though it may be deliberate, this is a mistake.

7. Question: All around you you see systems put in place to suppress, depress, confuse and distract the soul. WHY has so much effort been put into this? And WHY does it never quite seem to be successful? What can we deduce from this?

8. Answer: The soul must be perceived as a threat, and must also be stronger than any known attempt to suppress it.

9. In brief:

10. Magic is imagination and will (repetition).

11. The imagination is the human organ used for direct perception of reality. The will is the human organ used, over time, to change that reality and crystalize it into matter.

12. Sex is the rocket fuel of both imagination and will—use it.

13. The image of the “self-destructive artist” is a culturally implanted kill switch. Ignore it. Imagination is a weapon; you have been indoctrinated with these images so that if you discover the weapon, you will use it on yourself and save them the trouble.

14. Do not permit the colonization and strip-malling of imaginary and interpersonal space. Man should be staring through telescopes, not into computer kaleidoscopes.

15. The old world is burning, and will soon be burnt down. Imagine better.

16. Trade in Our Failed State for the Right to Hallucinate.

Jason Louv’s first novel, Queen Valentine, is out now.

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