Wheel of Fortune

Jason Louv Gea Philes Wheel of Fortune

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The Wizard Way of Bro Science

Jason Louv Bro Science Zyzz /fit/

About six months before turning thirty, I had one of those moments where you realize “damn, I gotta get my shit together.” Devastated from a cycle of working twenty-hour days for months, all of that time spent at the computer — like some freakish latter-day Jeremy Bentham — I was unable to properly climb the … Continue reading

Commandeering the Inner Space Shuttle

Jason Louv Inner Space Shuttle

I recently began a series of experiments with the sensory deprivation tank as developed by John C. Lilly, M.D., a device that most have heard of but few have tried. (Yes, that’s the one from the 1980 movie Altered States.) It took me a decade and a half of self-directed experimentation on consciousness to finally … Continue reading

Conjurations in the Element of Flesh

What are the critical disciplines by which 21st century humanity will initiate itself? How will those who wish to move from reality’s spectator seats to the middle of the ring do so? How has humanity done so in the past? The ancients represented the hall of initiation into the Mysteries as being flanked by two … Continue reading