Conjurations in the Element of Flesh

What are the critical disciplines by which 21st century humanity will initiate itself? How will those who wish to move from reality’s spectator seats to the middle of the ring do so? How has humanity done so in the past? The ancients represented the hall of initiation into the Mysteries as being flanked by two … Continue reading

Imagine! The Metropolis of Tomorrow!

Jason Louv Metropolis of Tomorrow

Imagine! The metropolis of tomorrow! Awaken to see the perfect blue sky from the glass window of your downtown condominium as your personal robot assistant brings you breakfast and your clothes for the day! Survey the glory of your castle and keep, all perfectly temperature-controlled and kept spotless by the newest innovations in household robots, … Continue reading

The Freedom of Imagination Act

Jason Louv Freedom of Imagination

1. Consider the whole of technology and mechanization as a time machine, beaming itself backward into the past, drawing the present towards it. A nonorganic future, invading the organic past. 2. There is a future in which the machine severs the human soul; another in which it serves the human soul. 3. In the first, … Continue reading

I Am a Mechanical Man: Robocops and Robowars

Peter Weller as Robocop, 1987. Some movies ought to be left alone. Not because they’re no longer relevant — but because they’re too relevant. José Padiliha’s planned 2013 reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 masterwork Robocop is one such transgression of cinematic and historical decency. In 1987, Robocop was science fiction; now, it’s the nightly news. One wonders … Continue reading