The Wizard Way of Bro Science

Jason Louv Bro Science Zyzz /fit/

About six months before turning thirty, I had one of those moments where you realize “damn, I gotta get my shit together.” Devastated from a cycle of working twenty-hour days for months, all of that time spent at the computer — like some freakish latter-day Jeremy Bentham — I was unable to properly climb the … Continue reading

The Freedom of Imagination Act

Jason Louv Freedom of Imagination

1. Consider the whole of technology and mechanization as a time machine, beaming itself backward into the past, drawing the present towards it. A nonorganic future, invading the organic past. 2. There is a future in which the machine severs the human soul; another in which it serves the human soul. 3. In the first, … Continue reading

A Divine Invasion

(Written for my friend Gea’s Bollywood zine before her collaborator jumped ship. Image above borrowed from Leif Jones, one of my favorite illustrators ever—check him here.) 1. Consider the fall of America as a Bollywood routine. Egos tip like dominoes. Blood money runs out. Methamphetamine zombies wander the wastes in packs, huddle up from the … Continue reading

Sutras for Satyrs

Hymn to Shiva It’s good to have a point To reference yourself by It’s good to have a light To see yourself by It’s good to have an infinity To be finite by It’s good to have a friend To get outstoned by It’s good to have a lover To be outloved by It’s good … Continue reading

Hail to the Broken-Tusked Elephant Lord

Ganesh Big

HYMN TO GANESH One-tusked alabaster god Sat in resplendent fury In the halls of the mind Eternal incense smoldering Pre-cyclopean and justified I called you and you answered You who wrote my bedtime story Have rewritten it again and again Each time I fall asleep And then awaken Destroy the monsters under the bed Destroy … Continue reading