Jack Parsons

California Screaming: Los Angeles’ Culty Weirdness

(Another rescue from the Dangerous Minds archive, originally published Nov. 19, 2009.) Los Angeles is the strangest city in the world. I swear it as a true and faithful relation. Every cult in the world has an outpost in Los Angeles. I suppose it’s always been that way. Paramhansa Yogananda once called Los Angeles the … Continue reading

Dungeon Master

James Dallas Egbert III: The Dungeon Master

(Originally appeared on Dangerous Minds; re-printed here to save it from formatting mayhem.) When I was about 14, I discovered a copy of The Dungeon Master: The Disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III in the local library used-book bin. Noting that it had something to do with Dungeons and Dragons (don’t act smug!), and also … Continue reading

Essays on Yoga

Two Essays on Yoga

JAI GURU GORAKH! (These two essays on traditional yoga were originally written for a mass audience and use a very basic, friendly writing style to convey straightforward information.) THE EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA Yoga is an ancient spiritual technology, with a precise series of steps and methodologies – and it doesn’t have much to do … Continue reading

Arthur Magazine

Arthur Magazine: An Appreciation

In Memoriam: Arthur Magazine 2002-2011 (Written for the upcoming issue of SWOON.) I suspect that nobody except those who consciously lived through them will fully understand the deep psychological scarring of the Bush Jr. years. Here we were, fresh into the world, riding high on the utopian promises of the 1990s, only to be spat … Continue reading

Ganesh Big

Hail to the Broken-Tusked Elephant Lord

HYMN TO GANESH One-tusked alabaster god Sat in resplendent fury In the halls of the mind Eternal incense smoldering Pre-cyclopean and justified I called you and you answered You who wrote my bedtime story Have rewritten it again and again Each time I fall asleep And then awaken Destroy the monsters under the bed Destroy … Continue reading